Roslyn Fassett


I grew up quietly in Brooklyn, but traveled off to remote places both in America and Africa. I’ve always felt a calling to nature, drawn to light, growth and untamed movement. In particular, water within the earth attracts me, as it appears in streams, marshes and ponds flowing in my paintings.

As a young girl studying life drawing at the Brooklyn Museum, I walked pass cases of African figure sculptures. These images were dark and close together, and this vision has stayed with me as it reappears in my paintings. Later in life, while traveling in Mali and Nigeria, the patterns I saw sparked my interest in hand printed fabrics and the symbols they contained.

The images in my work are based on the world I live in, a response internal and personal which becomes the basic significance and structure in my paintings. I see simplicity, dimension and vitality of life when drawing the human figure. An important aspect in my paintings is the human gesture which reflects beliefs, yearnings and prayers.

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